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Re: Rewrite of the free documentation to make it about MariaDB, not MySQL



>>>>> "Henrik" == Henrik Ingo <henrik.ingo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Henrik> On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 9:31 PM, Daniel Bartholomew <dbart@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Henrik> While at it, I'd like to review the Readme file of MariaDB.
Henrik> Could you help me with that (ie extract it from bzr and work
Henrik> with me to rewrite it - so that I can just participate by
Henrik> email).


Henrik> Thanks. I've attached an edited version here. I've also attached a
Henrik> diff which should make clear what changes I made. The key changes is
Henrik> to write about MariaDB more as an independent product, not "a branch
Henrik> of MySQL", while still being a drop-in replacement. Other than that
Henrik> added links to MariaDB material and removed links to mysql.com.

Henrik> Monty, could you review.

-Documentation about MySQL can be found at:

I think we need to say something about the MySQL manual as we don't
have a full MariaDB documentation yet.

Something like:

As MariaDB is a full replacement of MySQL, the MySQL manual at
http://dev.mysql.com/doc can also be used with MariaDB.


+Note that MariaDB is available specifically only under the version 2 of the GNU
+General Public License (GPLv2). (Ie. without the "any later version" clause.)
+This is inherited from MySQL. Please see MySQL's README file for more
See the MySQL README file in the MySQL distribution ...
-- For a list of developers and other contributors, see the Credits
-  appendix.

I think we should keep that.

We could also add:

You can also do 'SHOW authors' to get a list of active contributors.

-A local copy of the MySQL Reference Manual can be found in the Docs
-directory in GNU Info format.  You can also browse the manual online or
-download it in any of several formats from
Keep the above.  The distribution packages should include the MySQL
manual, so the above is accurate.

-Bug or error reports regarding MariaDB should be sent to
-Bugs in the MySQL code can also be sent to http://bugs.mysql.com
I would keep the above section (as it's embedded with **** and easly
noticable) and remove the earlier section that is embedded in a lot of
text that no one is reading.

Should we add that one can also join the project on the #maria channel
on freenode ?


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