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Re: Windows installer


W dniu 2010-05-10 10:59, Bo Thorsen pisze:
Den 10-05-2010 10:51, Peter Laursen skrev:
BTW: I think the installer should not replace the zipped distro. It is
not OR - it is AND. One reason is that you may want to grab a file
without actually installing.

I strongly disagree with this. The zip file installation is something
I've never seen outside the MySQL world. IMHO it's just extra work with
no benefit.

zip file is the easiest option to add new MySQL/MariaDB version to already installed WAMP package like WampServer. All you need to do is unpack contents to a directory, make a copy of single configuration file, and all service starting/switching/stopping is done by Wamp manager. (BTW: If any of you would like to install MariaDB with WampServer, make sure MariaDB's directory name starts with 'mysql'. The manager is hard coded to only look into such directories.)