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Re: Windows installer



>>>>> "Bo" == Bo Thorsen <bo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


>> BTW: I think the installer should not replace the zipped distro. It is
>> not OR - it is AND.  One reason is that you may want to grab a file
>> without actually installing.

Bo> I strongly disagree with this. The zip file installation is something 
Bo> I've never seen outside the MySQL world. IMHO it's just extra work with 
Bo> no benefit.

There is some big benefit of the 'zip' file:

You can install this anywhere and even have several installations of
different MariaDB versions at the same time.

This is not something you can easily do with an installer.

Remember that MySQL is more targeted developers, not only 'normal'
end users, and developers have more demands than normal users.

Conclusion:  I think we should have both.


Bo> Upgrading is one of two important things I really haven't done any work 
Bo> on yet. (Install as a service being the other.)

Bo> I do want to modify the uninstaller later, though. It's not supposed to 
Bo> remove the database files before asking the user if this is really 
Bo> correct or not. I'm sure an update will also just overwrite your 
Bo> database, which is completely wrong.