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Re: Summary of discussion about MariaDB future and release plans



For the latest MariaDB 5.2, all the fixes in the latest MariaDB 5.1
> are there.

This does not really help as one has to often check this a while ago.
Do you remember now what  MySQL 5.0  bug fixes are included in MySQL 5.1.26

Finding what 5.0 version was last at that time and also acconting for "race"
condition when they were both in the progress is not easy.
But also  it is a lot different topic.  People see 5.0 and 5.1 as just
different versions they are not compared.

> The game plan is to release both once a month (first 5.1 and then
> 5.2). That way you can always assume that 5.2 is up to date (at least
> for any bug that was fixed more than a month ago).
> This is not different from MySQL 5.0 or MySQL 5.1; You can always
> assume that when a new MySQL 5.1 is out, it includes all bug fixes
> from 5.0.
> Regards,
> Monty

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