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Re: Summary of discussion about MariaDB future and release plans



>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Zaitsev <pz@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Peter> Monty,
Peter> For the latest MariaDB 5.2, all the fixes in the latest MariaDB 5.1
>> are there.

Peter> This does not really help as one has to often check this a while ago.
Peter> Do you remember now what  MySQL 5.0  bug fixes are included in MySQL 5.1.26
Peter> ?

One can trivially check that by doing one bzr command.

I don't see this to be a big problem as most MySQL users have in the
past shown a clear interest in getting releases more often and in that
discussion it has never been seen as a problem when a fix from an
earlier version is pushed up.

Normally you can find that out trivially from the date the bug fix was
pushed. If the server release date is notable higher than the approved
bug fix, then the fix is in.

Peter> Finding what 5.0 version was last at that time and also acconting for "race"
Peter> condition when they were both in the progress is not easy.
Peter> But also  it is a lot different topic.  People see 5.0 and 5.1 as just
Peter> different versions they are not compared.

Not true.  If you have a problem with a bug you always have to think
about releases as the bug is first fixed in the oldest releases and
then slowly moved to newer releases.  We have done this for 10+ years
already and I can't remember a single email from anyone being
concerned about this particular topic.

(There are of course some people that may be concerned, but I doubt
it's a significant % of our users).


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