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Re: Summary of discussion about MariaDB future and release plans



5.2.47  is a lot more clear for me though it relays on the fact MySQL chose
not to release 5.2 themselves
What are you going to do with 5.5 as it comes out ?  Create 5.6 and hope
MySQL will never release such a version ?
I think it is confusing.

I also think this is moving away from what things really are  MariaDB 5.2.0
is based on 5.1.44 (whatever) and  it just includes more changes than
MariaDB 5.1.44     There is also MariaDB 5.3 which also may be based on the
same  base MySQL version though have even more changes.

> If it was called MariaDB 5.2.47, would this be any more helpful? Or
> are you insisting it must be MariaDB 5.1.47 (with possible 5.1, 5.2 or
> 5.3 type of differentiation appended to that with some tag, like
> mariadb-5.1.47_2nd_edition-...)
> > May be some time in the future amount of changes becomes so large the
> base
> > MySQL version will not be relevant any more but it will take time.
> Regarding bug fixes, we hope to stay in sync for some time to come,
> yes. We don't want to work on our own bugs, this is something we are
> happy to share :-)
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