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Re: Summary of discussion about MariaDB future and release plans


Hi all

On 13/05/2010, at 4:03 AM, Peter Zaitsev wrote:
We're speaking about different MySQL users when. One I know about would not mix "trivial" and "bzr command" in the same sentence. Seriously if you're looking for mass market adoption you need to look at users not developers. You should not expect them to have any experience with bzr or even building software.

I'd concur with that.

My point is the broader adoption you want the more simple things should be for people to understand. I currently see it is not for a lot of people.

Regarding bugs remember MariaDB is not MySQL - In MySQL bugs database I see the now the notes which change bug fixed in 5.0.55 and separate one 5.1.33, so I do not really need to try to compare anything here. With MariaDB I need to clearly know MySQL Baseline.

Most people we deal with simply outsource that aspect as well now, i.e. they ask someone else or if they have an existing arrangement they trust their judgement. In that realm, relatively few people trawl through the MySQL changelogs. Even the SunOracle stuff is fairly extensive and somewhat confusing, particularly for people who don't deal with it in-depth on a daily basis (which is most).

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