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Re: Windows installer MWL#55 finished.


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> Subject: Re: [Maria-developers] Windows installer MWL#55 finished.
> Vladislav,
> I tried the new 5.2.5 installer in Japanese Windows XP (32bit)
> environment using a user account which does NOT have administrator
> privilege.

I wonder why it has started at all. It definitely needs administrator and installer on later Windows brings all the necessary UAC

> During the installation I encountered a lot of warning
> dialogs (see below for an example) about not being able to write into
> the registry, although I did not have any noticeable problem startnig
> mysqld.exe after the installation is finished (No, the installation
> was not aborted and it said "Completed the MariaDB 5.2 Setup WIzard.")
> (Example warning message)
> "Could not write value InstallLocation to key
> \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrenVersion\Uninstall\MariaDB 5.2.
> Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your
> support personnel."

If you do not have that key, you do not have an entry in "Add/remove programs"

> I think what this error message means is that the user account used
> for the installation needs to have an administrator privilege, but the
> current (older) installer for MariaDB 5.1.53 did not have this
> problem.

This installer should be run as administrator, there is no per-user option.

> The other (related) issue is that I cannot uninstall mariadb 5.2 now
> because it is not listed in the installed program list in the control
> panel (most likely because the necessary information is not written
> into the registry). 

You will need to run 
msiexec /x  mariadb-5.2.5-win32.msi 
from the command line. This uninstalls installed package (I'm not really sure it was installed, but it does not hurt to try, it
nothing is installed it will tell)

> Again, the installer for 5.1 did not have this problem. 

Well, it is not installer for 5.1, the old one had more or less the same functionality as downloading and unpacking a zip file. It
might even be that NSIS guys automatically switched to HKCU registry keys or so for  a weak user.

> Also, unlike the current installer for 5.1, the new installer
> does not seem to install a standalone uninstaller (Uninstall.exe) on
> the disk. So, I'm stuck and wondering how to uninstall 5.2 (Well, not
> really, because if nothing is written into the registry, deleting all
> the files and directories should 'cleanly' uninstall everything,
> right?.).

I would stick to documented stuff.

msiexec /x  mariadb-5.2.5-win32.msi 

But to reiterate, this package is not really thought to be run by non-admin users. It installs into program files, and it writes to
the HKLM registry hive, and it creates a service. All this stuff is not possible without being an administrator. I'm quite surprised
that MSI let you go that far actually, and that it would not rollback and cleanup after the error.  On the other hand,  thanks for
an interesting error report,  makes sense for me to have a test for anomalies like that.

Can you tell service pack of your XP and MSI version (launch winver and msiexec /?)


> - Kazuhisa