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Re: Windows installer MWL#55 finished.


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Hello, Kazuhisa
> No :-). My experience with MySQL installers is limited to fresh
> install. This is the first time I tried 'upgrade' and my expectation
> was purely imaginary.

Right, there is no upgrade functionality in MySQLs installers up-to-now (nor
I heard or any planning for it recently). But I noticed that both you and
Philip had quite similar requests for the changed UI in case of  "upgrade
possible". Both of you recommended changes at the "Database Properties"
dialog, I think it is wrong place, by the time you enter this dialog it is
too late,  you should not have entered this dialog, as the intention was not
"create new", but "upgrade existing" anyway..
So since both of my users have pointed to usability issues,  I added a new
dialog  that comes after license agreement that and tells user  that
upgradable instances were found and please make a choice between  installing
a new instance and not installing a new instance(optional upgrade one or
more existing ones). This sounds almost like your first suggestion, but in
own dialog. This dialog comes right before feature selection, and only thing
it might do is to unselect "Database Instance" feature in the following
dialog . Technically, it duplicates functionality of the feature selection
tree. So what... I hope it adds some clarity for the user - at least tells
the user that his existing instances *can* be upgraded. Or maybe it won't
help that much, since user never looks at the UI anyway :) (nice article
about that is here
http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2009/10/treating-user-myopia.html )

Anyway, I uploaded the newest msis to the usual place, if somebody wants to
play with it.



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