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Re: Default parameter settings / Windows MSI installer


1) As I have already told I request a max_allowed_packet setting larger than
1M (in both [mysqld] and [mysqldump] sections).  Oracle-MySQL sets 1M in
[mysqld] and 16M in [mysqldump].  I prefer 64M in both actually.  The reason
is that BLOBs are commonly used to store images/photos and with recent
digital cameras (10-18 Mpixel) it is not even possible to store an image
from such cam in a single INSERT statement.  MySQL server will 'go away' or
'receive a packet too large'.

2) Oracle-MySQL sets
select 'strict mode' during configuration.  NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER just means
that GRANT will not create user - only CREATE USER + GRANT will.  This I do
not find important.  So I am OK with 'strict wlad mode'.  But I am not sure
that strict mode should be default as long as it is not in *nix.

3) I agree that if InnoDB is default engine then the 'pool size' should be
raised from default. Looks OK for a test/development server as typically
used in Windows (but still a very low setting for a production server)

-- Peter

On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 20:30, Vladislav Vaintroub <wlad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hello,
> After recent discussion about appropriate or not appropriate default
> setting
> on in my.cnf , I have created a prototype minimal settings for Windows
> installer.
> Here is the picture of  this attempt
> http://cid-ff0c950417b4f8a4.office.live.com/self.aspx/share/dbsettings.png
> For those who have familiar the 5.2 MSI installer already,  what I have
> added is a checkbox "Standard configuration", explanation text, and input
> field for innodb bufferpool size (preset with RAM/8,  in my case it is
> 8191/8=1023).
> "Standard configuration" is on by default,
> if it is "on", then 4 parameters are added to the my.ini file
> 1) default_storage_engine=innodb
> 2) innodb_buffer_pool_size=[VALUE_IN_EDIT_BOX]M
> 3) innodb_log_file_size= min(innodb_buffer_pool_size/4, 50)
> I made this formula almost out of thin air and using some blog reading and
> comments in the templates.  It is likely that 50M is more than the average
> user needs, however it only takes some disk space, and  If user has to
> increase from default 5MB , the procedure is awkward.  I checked, MySQL
> Config Wizard set this parameter to  54M on my box, so it is in  the same
> range.
> If "Standard configuration" is off, hen input field for bufferpool size is
> disabled, and none of those 4 parameters  is added to my.ini
> Do you think it is useful in this form?  So far I tried to avoid
> "calibration" topics  altogether since it is a  controversial topic where
> people never have same  opinions. Also I tried to avoid it because I cannot
> write GUIs . However, this one change is small in and it does  not
> introduce
> additional dialogs. It makes some important  defaults the same as "standard
> configuration" in existing MySQL installers. I think it was PeterL who
> already asked for non-default buffer pool size already, also Monty also
> spoke about it in Lisbon.
> Comments welcome,  also those on the picture above - I'm not sure  if
> wording and use of brackets and quotes is correct.
> Wlad

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