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Re: what compiler should i use when building mariadb?


Rich Prohaska <prohaska@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> We did not build gcc 4.7.1 correctly.  When we built gcc 4.7.1, we
> used the default assembler that ships in centos 5.  We needed to build
> gcc 4.7.1 with a newer binutils, so we built binutils 2.22 and then
> built gcc 4.7.1 with the binutils 2.22 assembler and linker.  This
> compiler now generates the CFI directives that are needed to compile
> mariadb.

Ok, that makes sense, thanks for updating me.

I was thinking I could add a cmake config check that would detect a gcc that
does not use CFI/dwarf, and omit the cfi_escape directive in this case. But I
suppose it is not worth it when it only happens with an incorrectly built gcc?
Missing dwarf information in the generated binaries seems likely to cause
other problems as well...


 - Kristian.