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Re: accelerating CREATE TABLE


Hi Kristian,

Toshikuni Fukaya <toshikuni-fukaya@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I want to know whether this patch is correct, and if so, could I ask you
to merge this to Maria?

Sorry that we have not had time to get back to you. There is a lot going on at
the moment, but the whole point of MariaDB is to be a place where the
community can work together on the codebase. So it is important that we be

I will try to review the patch this week. I am not familiar with this area of
the code, so it would help me if you could provide some additional

  - You mention CREATE TABLE, but I assume the patch actually speeds up
    creation of a new tablespace, right? Is it used for the creation of all

You are right, this affects creation of a new tablespace.

    tablespaces, or only for tablespaces used for tables when

Yes, I set this in my.conf.

  - I think InnoDB has the option to auto-extend tablespaces, as well as create
    new ones. Does this patch handle both creating new and autoextension? Or
    only the former?

It handles both.
I mainly focused on CREATE TABLE, but I think that InnoDB makes indices when CREATE TABLE has some keys, then autoextension is done in index creation. So, I also modified that.

  - Do you consider the patch complete? Or do you have ideas for how it could
    be extended, perhaps in a future version?

Currently I don't have any ideas yet to improve this, but I think in a future version the function should be able to turn off for those people who do not want to use it.

  - Is there any other interaction with other parts of the code in InnoDB (or
    the server) that you are aware of?

I relied on that fallocate does not need fsync since metadata is protected by filesystem journal. But I am not confident whether it is true. I'm wondering if this patch may lead InnoDB committing schema to not function normally.

  - Did you get any useful feedback (and if so, what) when you tried posting
    this to the internals@xxxxxxxxx mailing list? Or just the extremely
    arrogant "we do not like the patch and we will not say why" that was
    replied on the public list?

No, I got a comment to reject and no reason to that.
I wanted to know whether my idea is correct or to get any suggestions.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your efforts so far, and I will try to get back to
you at the end of the week.

  - Kristian.

Thanks a lot your attension,
Toshikuni Fukaya