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Re: Process suggestion for minor issues


i like the today jira process, if you want a higher priority, do some job
solving the problem, after that we could have NEW FEATURE in JIRA, like:
send the patch and marke the issue to "PLEASE REVIEW I HAVE SENT A
SOLUTION!" (i don't remember but when this occur i set the issue to major
(sorry i will not change it))

the automatic won't fix, and the two releases i think it's not nice, i
sent some ideas that in my option will take many time to start a
development, and maybe with this 2 releases idea it will never be done

i think mariadb use jira with the sprint idea, group some issues and work
on it, that's why i think changing issue isn't a good idea, the main idea
is how to put the issue in the sprint

i'm right?

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