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Re: Galera-10.0 still does not work with rollbacks


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> if ((err= ht->savepoint_set(ht, thd, (uchar *)(sv+1)+ht->savepoint_offset)))

> Note that it is not "sv+1". It is ((uchar *)sv+1) + ht->savepoint_offset.

Sorry, I messed up that explanation.

The point is: sv points to a SAVEPOINT object. But (uchar *)(sv+1) does not
point to a SAVEPOINT object. It points to some uchar bytes that happen to
reside in memory just after the SAVEPOINT object. Not the clearest way to
write the code.

So *(sv+1) is not meaningful. 

 - Kristian.