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Re: MariaDB scalability: mutexes


Moin Svoj,

Sergey Vojtovich wrote:
> Sergei pointed out that there is up to 10% slowdown in read-write benchmark at
> high concurrency. Could you share benchmark details, I'd like to debug it.
> Just pointers to build/run scripts on the benchmark server should be enough.

The benchmark was run on lizard2. Build script is ~/bin/xl_build_new

Benchmark runs under ~/benchmark/sysbench

series46 ... ro, single table, PFS=on, 32-128 threads
series47 ... ro, single table, PFS=off, 32-128 threads
series48 ... ro, multi table, PFS=on, 32-128 threads
series49 ... ro, multi table, PFS=off, 32-128 threads
series50 ... rw, multi table, PFS=off, 1-512 threads


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