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Re: For Google Summer of Code 2014, Interested in the task of "statistically optimize mysql-test runs by running less tests"


 Hi, Sergei Golubchik!

 Thanks for your explanations!

 I have submitted the first version of my proposal. I will really
appreciate if you could give me some comments and suggestions to improve it.

Zhongyi Hu

2014-03-17 1:58 GMT+08:00 Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi, Zhongyi Hu!
> On Mar 17, Zhongyi Hu wrote:
> > Hi, Sergei Golubchik!
> >
> > I am afraid I don't understand the following items very well, could you
> > explain them for me?
> >
> >    - average over different combinations or builders
> >    - or don't average and treat triplets (test,combination,builder) as
> >    individual "tests"
> Individual test files (say, select.test) run on different builders (say,
> on win64, and on fedora20-i686, etc).
> Test files fail with different probabilities. These probabilities may be
> different for different builders.
> One can calculate a "test failure probability" as a function of
> probabilities for this test file to fail on different builders.
> Alternatively, one cat treat the "select.test run on win64" and
> "select.test run on fedora20-i686" as two different tests.
> Regards,
> Sergei