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Re: redundant compilation of targets in mariadb 10.0


Rohit Kalhans <rohit.kalhans@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Also if it is relevant in some way the bug i was trying to fix is
> MDEV-5873. i have changed some function signatures in the header and
> ~5 lines of change in the cc file.

Oh, you're looking into that? I do hope you will share any findings :-)
I was rather annoyed that I ended up releasing with this bug/limitation, I
*think* it should be possible to do it correctly in a reasonable way, but I
haven't had time to think it through yet. I'd be fantastic to get this one

Unfortunately, I do not know how to solve the problem with excessive
rebuild. I know that when I change most any .h file it ends up rebuilding a
_lot_ of stuff, I always assumed it was just everything including most
everything else recursively. But that does not help explain the second rebuild
with no file changes.

 - Kristian.