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Re: [Maria-discuss] MariaDB encryption


1) thats a good point, we will extend our coding to mysql_connect

2) yes, we want to do this with an INSERT statement - a bit more complex, but yes….

We will update the concept paper and come back to you beginning of next week.

Am 20.06.2014 um 16:28 schrieb Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> nice, check what i'm thinking about...
> 1)
> i start mariadb without keys
> i start my app
>   here i must check that all tables are 'unlocked' and read to use,
> we will have a method to this? at mysql_connect i will check if keys
> are loaded, maybe a SHOW STATUS like 'encryption_keys_loaded' = 1 or 0
> 2)
> about externall acess to include encryption/key
> maybe a sql statment?
> INSERT INTO mysql.encrypt_keys (key,value) value (1,"abcdefg.....")
> just an idea about external key uploading
> or an external server (no problem)
> 2014-06-20 9:51 GMT-03:00 Elmar Eperiesi-Beck <elmar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> At startup the keys will be read once and kept in memory. Normaly you are
>> not going to encrypt 1000 tables, because you just encrypt the content that
>> is confidential. But yes- each key has to be in the memory. Or you use an
>> external encryption/key server that handels the encryption and the
>> key-management outside the DB.
>> We enhanced the concept, that it is possible to deliver the key manually at
>> server startup. You can have it e.g. on a pendrive and start the server with
>> the keys as a backup.
>> Am 17.06.2014 um 18:55 schrieb Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> humm, now i'm thinking as a data warehouse
>> think about installing a server (server 1) in somewhere (maybe saara
>> desert).... i connect the "server 1" to internet, and configure the server
>> uri to point to my central server (server central), maybe at moon
>> when the mysqld/mariadbd start, it will contact the central server and get
>> all keys, or only get keys when i need? for example a server with 1000
>> tables and 1000 diferent keys, they are all stored at memory at boot time,
>> or only when i need read/write access to that table?
>> if i remove the internet link, the "server 1" will not read tables, right?
>> in this case, if i have the keyfile in a pendrive, or a cd or dvd, could i
>> redirect it to a key file and start database, as a backup solution?
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