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Re: mariadb native client -- how to call RPMs?


Hi, Honza!

On Sep 03, Honza Horak wrote:
> in Fedora, we're about to package mariadb-native-client, which we'd like 
> to utilize in Fedora as much as possible since using this piece of 
> software we can break the dependency on whole mariadb server package and 
> thus make the base system more compact.

Hm, does libmysqlclient depend on the server package?
Why would it?

> However, since mariadb.org does not provide RPMs yet, I'm wondering
> what would be the best name for such RPM package. The tar ball is
> called mariadb_client.tar.gz but the project is called
> mariadb-native-client on launchpad, which I like more btw. because it
> differs more from mariadb-client package (which is actually a
> subpackage of mariadb).

In our packages mariadb-client is the package with the tools, the
library is in mariadb-shared.

And the project is called mariadb/connector-c on github, so don't put
too much weight on the project name.

> So, is mariadb-native-client a good choice or is there a better one?

How are packages with shared libraries usually named on Fedora?
In our packaging we alias MariaDB-shared to mariadb-libs, so, I suppose
xxx-libs is what you usually use. Then I'd suggest mariadb-native-libs
or mariadb-lgpl-libs or something like that.


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