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Re: More suggestions for changing option names for optimistic parallel replication


Jonas Oreland <jonaso@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> i didn't read the fully reply, sorry for that, but still wanted to say that
> even if @@replicate_expect_conflicts might only be useful to a very small
> minority of users,
> i think it might be worth to implement...if it's not too
> hard/time-consuming...

It is trivial to implement (and I already did).

> I though (of course !?!) suggest a different name:
> @@block-parallel-slave-execution=1, which i think should be advisory, even
> if name suggest otherwise.

A similar name but different wording is @@skip_parallel_replication.
This is consistent with @@skip_replication, which is also advisory (a slave
option controls whether it takes effect or not).

> and that the implementation of this is the events is marked with such a
> bit...and that the slave applier will obey
> unless slave-parallel-mode=aggressive
> (and 'aggressive' could be yet another mode to slave-parallel-mode)

I like 'aggressive' to control this slave-side.


 - Kristian.