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Re: [RE]Re: I wonder what elements add to CMakeLists.txt


Hi, kyungnam!

On Mar 24, 김경남 wrote:
> Hi, Sergei !!
> Thankyou for your response.
> > I doubt it. The only reasonable way to get this is to query
> > performance schema. Either using SQL or with a lower-level handler
> > interface. You can do either from your plugin.
> Does a  lower-level handler interface means PSI? 

No, TABLE structure and the handler class. To open a P_S table as a
normal table and read the data from it. See, e.g. sql_udf.cc or
sql_acl.cc or sql_help.cc for an example of reading a table using
low-level functions.

> Is there a guide or document using PSI? It's a bit difficult to use PSI.

No, it was never supposed to be used by plugins.