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Re: [RE]Re: I wonder what elements add to CMakeLists.txt


Hi, kyungnam!

On Mar 24, kyungnam wrote:
> I hava a question.
> I'm developing mariadb plugin . and I make a development environment
> according to below url.
> https://mariadb.com/blog/compiling-debugging-mariadband-mysql-eclipse-scratch-part-1-setup-building-environment
> I seperate source folder and package folder. 
> During developing, I hava a trouble with too much build time. 
> for example, after I edit sql_parse.cc (add one or two lines) , I run
> command "make" under source root folder. 
> The build time takes about 5 ~ 10min. and then I run command "make
> package". That time takes about 10min. 
> At first, I copied libmysqld.so.18 to package folder. but had no
> effect. finally I run command "make package" and reinstall mariadb. 
> I think I'm doing wrong things. 
> please let me know the efficient way to build and debug. 

I'm not using Eclipse, so I'm afraid I cannot help you with that.

If you just modify sql_parse.cc, the compilation should be fast and only
that file has to be recompiled (and few binaries re-linked). If you see
a lot of files recompiled than either you modified more than
sql_parse.cc or your IDE is doing that for you.

Make package needs to copy many files so it's a bit slow if you do it
very often. I don't - unless I specifically work on packaging I run
"make package" very rarely.

You don't have to compile libmysqld every time. Run 


in your build directory.