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Re: [beginner] how can I assign an existing ticket to myself?


The best way is to write a comment in the ticket, stating that you are interested in working on it and some details, and requesting that it be assigned to you.

On 11/10/2018 16:41, Takashi Sasaki wrote:

I wanted to contribute something to MariaDB, so I signed up to Jira,
but how can I assign an existing ticket to myself?

[programming experience]:
I have been programming for over 10 years but recently using Java,
Python, Node.js at work and C ++ is a little played a few years ago.

[knowledge of the MariaDB source]
I just started reading the code recently and I am almost an amateur.

[how much you know about using MySQL/MariaDB]
I use MySQL for WordPress backend as a user and I use Oracle for work,
so I have knowledge of general RDBMS,
but I do not have deep knowledge specific to the products.

Takashi Sasaki