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License for MariaDB 5.1 Reference Manual



What license should we use for the MariaDB 5.1 Reference Manual?

Some of the suggestions I've seen on IRC include:

FDL : http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html
CreativeCommons : http://creativecommons.org

My personal preference is to use the Creative Commons BY-SA license:


This is the license used by Wikipedia and the share-alike part of the
license ensures that the content remains open. It's a common license
and is well understood and liked by a lot of people.

Henrik mentioned the problem of attribution with CC licenses, but I
don't think this is an issue with the mediawiki software we're
using because of the edit histories and edit summaries, both of which
fulfill this requirement. For example, the history page for the PBXT
entry in the manual attributes me and Paul McCullagh for our
contributions to the article:


I don't have much experience with the FDL, so if someone has reasons why
we should use it, please share.


Daniel Bartholomew

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