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Re: Additional promise to the MCA


Hi Monty

On 08/10/2009, at 6:52 PM, Michael Widenius wrote:
Arjen> On 08/10/2009, at 5:24 AM, Michael Widenius wrote:
It would be nice if Sun also could work with BSD, but we have learned
the hard way that they don't accept code under the BSD license :(

Arjen> You mean Sun/MySQL then, because for Drizzle, Sun does work with BSD
Arjen> code.

Arjen> That's actually a nuisance to me since it allows them to dual- license Arjen> Drizzle, which I reckon is a really bad idea - best if that were not
Arjen> possible.

As far as I know, they have also accepted code under the GPL to
Drizzle, so that makes it impossible to dual license.

Yea but is that code also copyright-assigned, or not?
If it's also copyright-assigned, the dual licensing still flies for Sun.

Anyway, I disagree strongly that it would be in any way bad for anyone
to do dual-licensing of GPL code;  Dual licensing gives the users more
freedom, not less;  It allows people that could not otherwise work
with the code (because of restrictions in their code base) to still
get access to the code under terms that can accept.

Anyway, I think we two should stop the discussion about Dual licensing
as we are clearly off different opinions of the importance of it for
the future.  It's of course all right to be of different opinions, but
I don't think it brings value to this email list if we continue to
discuss it here;  It's better to continue the discussion in person
next time we meet.

Ack - perhaps add cough medicin.

I will say though that the 10x vs 2x revenue argument holds no weight for me personally: to me, something that makes more profit is not intrinsically better (nor is a company that makes more money by definition more successful in my eyes). My criteria for better and successful are viewed from the client and community perspective. I want to see clients pay what *they* perceive as a fair price for a result they like, and talk well of the product and its vendor.

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