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Re: Full text search in MariaDB


Hi Monty

On 04/08/2010, at 8:39 AM, Michael Widenius wrote:

Arjen> Real world feedback: almost all clients we have that use FULLTEXT need
Arjen> to not use it, because
Arjen> - they need the tables to be InnoDB for transactional/ consistency
Arjen> reasons; since Aria is not transactional it's not an option.

Aria is crash safe and consistent, which should make it an option for
a lot of users;  Arjen, how often do you need to do rollback on a
fulltext index ?

Such a table is not "purely" an index, it just happens to have columns that need such indexing. Data in multiple tables belongs together, and is inserted/updated at the same time. Rollback is relevant/important.

Please don't recycle the ancient argument that you don't need transactions, it's not a winner.

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