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Re: Installation problems of 5.2 in debian squueze


Πρεκατές Αλέξανδρος <aprekates@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>   Then i used aptitude to update packages.
>   After choosing mariadb server and client aptitude warned me of conflicts and 
> that i should  remove  mysql-server-core-5.1  

That conflict is intentional.

The way the .deb packages are made, they are supposed to replace existing
mysql packages. Installing mariadb should automatically uninstall mysql,
install mariadb, and mariadb will take over the database and function in
exactly the same way for any existing applications. Just when one upgrades
from mysql-5.0 to mysql-5.1. It is not (easily) possible to have both mysql
and mariadb installed at the same time using the .deb packages.

If you want to install mariadb on the same machine as mysql and have both
running at the same time, you can use the binary tarballs. You should then
install mariadb in a different location than mysql and configure it to use a
different port.

> At that point i stopped.

I take this to read that the install attempt worked, but you aborted it since
you wanted to keep old mysql installed (which makes sense).

If you had accepted the replacement, and it had nevertheless failed, that
would be a problem to investigate.

Hope this helps,

 - Kristian.

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