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Re: Bundle more relevant cnf files in MariaDB package


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> Subject: Re: [Maria-discuss] Bundle more relevant cnf files in MariaDB
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> Hi Haidong, all
> As promised, I've fixed up a 5.2 branch to get rid of the old
> troublesome config files, and replaced them with the single baseline
> sample config - also any references in the build environment and in-
> tree documentation.
> See https://code.launchpad.net/~arjen-lentz/maria/5.2-zapoldsamplecnfs
> also proposed for merging.
> The baseline example I've used comes from the MariaDB DEB (Debian/
> Ubuntu) packaging, and we can adjust it further.

Hi Arjen, 

If this should be used more than just on Linux or Debian/Ubuntu, we need to
adjust it further . 
The sample is not usable in this form on Windows (and neither on tar.gz
distributions), mainly due to hardcoded paths
+pid-file	= /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid
+basedir		= /usr
+tmpdir		= /tmp
+language	= /usr/share/mysql/english
+!includedir /etc/mysql/conf.d/
Yet, it is used on Windows as my-example.ini, and in tar.gz as
my-example.cnf.  My question is : why hardcoding paths, you can influence
them anyway with compile-time settings. Also, tmpdir has already a sane
default, or has not it?

This won't do it either on Windows:
+innodb_flush_method	= O_DIRECT

Also, lot of unixism is in the comments
+# Error logging goes to syslog due to
+# InnoDB is enabled by default with a 10MB datafile in /var/lib/mysql/.
+#   The files must end with '.cnf', otherwise they'll be ignored.
+# Read the manual, too, if you want chroot!
+# Remember to edit /etc/mysql/debian.cnf when changing the socket location.

Is there a need to repeat  compiled-in defaults?
+socket		= @MYSQL_UNIX_ADDR@
+port		= @MYSQL_TCP_PORT@

And a merely provocative question : if those parameters(mainly numbers) are
the sane universally useful baseline values, why not have them compiled into
mysqld instead of current defaults? Than we won't need a config file at all.


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