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Re: testing Galera


Jan Kirchhoff <j.kirchhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Is there something like slave_skip_counter, aka "I Know what I do, skip
> that update"? I think I have to take a new snapshot to get the second

Yes, MariaDB has this:


If you set skip_replication=0 (instead of SQL_LOG_BIN=0) and
replicate-events-marked-for-skip=FILTER_ON_MASTER on all servers. Then the
changes will be logged to the binlog (for Galera to use), but will not be sent
to other slaves using traditional replication.

Disclaimer: I do not have much experience with Galera, much less actually
tried using it with @@skip_replication, but it should work, I think.

Note that this is a MariaDB feature (it will not work with Galera based on
MySQL or Percona-server).

 - Kristian.

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