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Re: WL#4925 and multi-source replication


2013/3/15 Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> How many transactions do you have running in parallel? Binlog group commit
> only helps if you have more than 2 transactions writing concurrently (and
> the
> more, the better).

I didn't add write queries to this master, so I only have the 4 sources (I
removed 2 sources since I enable sync_binlog), so I mean 4 transactions in
parallel at max ...

> Of course, it could also be that the fdatasync() at commit is not a
> bottlenect, which would also result in Binlog_commits =~
> Binlog_group_commits. How many commits per second do you do?

~120/s (live now :) )

> In MariaDB 10.0, I implemented MDEV-181
I'm already using 10.0.1. If interested I found last commit for WL#4925 by
Yoshinori here : http://lists.mysql.com/commits/113309

I'm looking for adding a SSD drive to those servers for binlogs.