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Re: [Dbmail] Fwd: MariaDB and dbmail


On 09/02/2013 01:02 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:

> so something goes wrong in combination with libzdb
> IMHO this *must not* happen if MariaDB claims to be a drop-in-replacemnet

I've done some additional investigation, and indeed MariaDB appears to
mess up the server cursor when a blob is in the result.

I'm attaching a test-case and with a schema and data for you to use.


libzdb uses mysql_stmt_fetch to move the server cursor forward. This has
worked flawlessly until now for MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Oracle.
With MariaDB we seem to hit a problem as soon as a blob column is in the


Just try the test program with and without the 'p.data' column, and run
it. Since part_order is the primary ordering key, I use that to test for
result integrity.

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