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Re: MariaDB 10.1 uses huge amount of memory onWndows


Am 22.11.2014 um 15:19 schrieb Peter Laursen:
I have no problem now. Wlad explained (@harald: can'tyou read? .

then you should not have responded the following below which was the reason i tried to point you to "virtual memory" leading to a *smart-ass answer* of you "i disabled virtual memory"

>> It seems that Windows does not get true information  from the VM
>> process. Also when task manager displays 19-20 GB of memory use
>> in total, Windows will start complaining that it is about to run
>> of of memory and programs should be closed  So it seems that
>> around 10 GB memory used by VMs are unaccounted for when it happens

no - *that* is the point of virtual memory

alloacted != pyhiscally used, any apache fork process on our main server shows 1600 MB virtual memory which is *not* real memory, the difference in that case is (mostly) zend-opcache mmaped memory shared between all the workers

the same for MariaDB: virtual memory 9000 MB / resident memory 6000 MB

frankly the innodb buffer pool setting alone don't say anything, it's a virtual allocation until it get filled and used over time

But a moderator woudd bevery much appreciated here

because you can't set a filter in your MUA?

@harald: please ignore me COMPLETELY from now on. My nerves
cannot tolerate you!

i will do so because you are not worth the time wasted trying to explain you basic technology since you feel attacked by get corrected and react as a smart ass

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