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Re: MariaDB Server 10.3 notes


Also having to dump/restore to go from 10.2 to 10.3 tables is a PITA.
Remember how awful it was to migrate all those BDB tables to InnoDB?  Or
even just how frustrating it was when UTF8_GENERAL_CI changed the umlaut?

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 9:43 AM, Reinis Rozitis <r@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> The main reason to drop TokuDB would be it being redundant.  If MyRocks
>> and TokuDB would cover, basically, the same use case and MyRocks
>> would've done it better - then nobody would need TokuDB, right?
> But you're saying that they have different use cases and even on the
>> common use case, MyRocks is not necessarily better - do I understand you
>> correctly? In that case we should be interesed in keeping TokuDB in
>> MariaDB Server, not removing it.
> It's true that in general it shouldn't matter for the end-user what the
> storage engine is called as far it has more or less the same (needed)
> features and delivers comparable performance (in the end it would be great
> if we could have only one for all purposes and workloads :)).
> But my concern is that at least currently publicly available Facebook
> version has several limitations ( https://github.com/facebook/my
> sql-5.6/wiki/MyRocks-limitations ) which (for me) would be problematic
> (for example no partitions, no online ddl and only row based replication
> (the locking is also interesting)) and seems strange since I would guess
> people (would) use theese engines mainly for compressing large tables (at
> least in some cases I can't even go back to compressed Innodb by how much
> the database size would inflate).
> Myself have tested Rocks only as mongo-rocks in MongoDB environment but
> for me as a user the features the engine has for Mysql seem subpar.
> Obviously there are bunch of issues with Toku and in the future RocksDB
> might get all the options people need - wanted to just share my opinion.
> rr
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