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Re: MariaDB Server 10.3 notes


> On Friday, 14 October 2016, Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I don't think (most) guys must migrate from other RDBM, normally they
>> select mysql/mariadb/webscale/etcetc before starting the project, a
>> migration "in the middle" of a project is costly.
>> I agree, there's many open issue at jira/mysql bug report/percona/etc/etc
>> and others issue tracker systems that being completed make users migrate to
>> mysql
> For years Roberto, that's all I did. From oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, access and
> sybase to mariadb for ecommerce and finance.
nice, but are these companies big? mid? small? normally what i see (i'm in
brazil) is only big/mid companies doing this

> Connect, gtid, toku, and multi source rep are killer features.
this i must agree with you, reduce the costs aggressively, i used many times

Roberto Spadim
SPAEmpresarial - Software ERP
Eng. Automação e Controle