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Re: Problem with Master/Slave <=> Master/Slave <=> Master/Slave Replication


Am 25.10.2016 um 05:51 schrieb LinuXperia:
Hi Guillaume Lefranc!

> If you want to have synchronous replication across all 3 servers I would
> NOT recommend using this kind of setup. Please use Galera Cluster instead.
> https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb/getting-started-with-mariadb-galera-cluster/

> Probably something in your settings is wrong and/or servers are not
> replicating. For example you have: binlog_do_db = > logedin_users > This means that statements will only replicate if you are connected to this DB.

Thanks a Lot for your helpful Suggestions Guillaume.

I have managed now finally to make a Hybrid Cluster where all the DB Servers on the Cloud are in a Galera Cluster and for feeding the Cluster with Data i have turned it into a Hybrid Master/Slave <=> [Master/Slave Galera] Cluster.

After lot of Failures and Trying i finally got it to run Smoothly and Flawlessly.

The Documentation in MariaDB Website is not really much helpful as even the Default Values MariaDB use prevent a smooth less Syncing of the Data. With the Default Values especially the Network Values used by MariaDB getting Out of Sync when using a Cluster is guaranteed!

* After getting it finally to work everything like it should
I donated now also 100.00 USD just right now to the MaraiDB Foundation
for the Work and Engagement that was done till yet.*

If everything works well and play out as planned i am willing to donate further and on a regular basis, heck maybe even do a sponsorship.

Because of the not very helpful documentation i was on the way to install MemSQL. The only thing that prevented me to Install it after the Download was that a 32 Bit version do not exist and i could not run it and ditch MariaDB. After this a gave MariaDB another try an finally got it running like it should.

I recommend the People at MariaDB to provide at least Donators access to Best Use and Configuration Settings that works best in Production.

That way people like me that are willing to pay dont waste their time on the Internet to find out what the problem with MariaDB is when it comes to Clustering and Out Of Sync Problems.

Thanks for everything.
Till next Time.

I am having a Problem with getting mariadb works flawless using a
Master/Slave[1] <=> Master/Slave[2] <=> Master/Slave[3]

The First Time i was able to insert a row on the Master[1] Server
and the data was reproduced/replicated to all servers.

At this Time i thinked everything is fine now.

But then when i tryed to deleted the new Created Row on Master[1]
the Data was only deleted on the Master[1] Server while
the others Servers [2] and [3] still had the data!

I expected that the deleted row should be also deleted on all
master/slave servers but it did not!

Thanks in advance for any helpful Tip and Answer!

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