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Re: MySQL Workbench Fork?


Bruce wrote :-

<In the 21st century GUI's for any software are the difference between amateur systems run by geeks and professional systems used by business.>
Guillaume Lefranc wrote:-
<Seriously, NO. That's the same kind of predicate that led some people to believe that only Microsoft software is "Professional"...>

Argh. Yes I couldn’t agree with you more.  There’s a message in there somewhere Guillaume.
“Successful GUI equals successful public uptake.”

Microsoft software may not be the best there is and I personally use it very rarely, however the vast majority of the world’s profesionals do.
It gained it’s market share in the early days in part by being a forerunner in GUI development.
If all you want is an extremely good application that only highly skilled rare individuals can use and manage then OK but if you want to gain public acceptance and uptake, add a GUI.
And just because you do use a GUI tool it doesn’t mean you are not a highly skilled rare individual.

I still like HeidiSQL. The people from HeidiSQL have done a good job.
I’ve got two instances of it running right now. A dammed good GUI.

The original argument here was not should DBA’s use a GUI but should MariaDB develope a GUI “Workbench”.
The fact is there are quite a few GUI’s out there already that DBA’s are using as management tools for MariaDB. Some excellent, some not so excellent.
Should MariaDB develop their own ??????????????????
That’s up to MariaDB developers I guess.
Should DBA’s use a GUI ???????
That’s up to the individual DBA I guess.
Would a GUI help public uptake of MariaDB ?????????????

They already have.

Bruce Carlson