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Re: Ubuntu 16.04, Accidentally installed mariadb-server on top of mysql-server


Thanks for the help.  I was able to resolve this later in the evening.  I did this while visiting a hotel in France.  At midnight, their wireless acted up and I was no longer able to access any web pages, but my SSH connection remained intact and was able to access the web using links.  (As for the wireless being annoyingly wacky, let me mention that I had to base64 encode a gzip'd SQL file and cut-paste to my term window to copy and save my file into an instance of vi. It actually worked).

I solved this problem by backing up the data directories mentioned earlier and then removing mariadb and reinstalling mysql.  There was an issue with restarting the server because of the additional configuration files that were created.  Thank God (and the developers) that the SQL tables were moved to a backup location instead of being destroyed...

I had to comment out the line that read:

myisam-recover  = BACKUP

in the file


and then was able to bring the SQL server back up.

Coincidentally, I had planned to reinstall anyway as I'm migrating to new hardware today.  The replacement machine will run MariaDB. and that would be a first step towards peace on earth :)

Thanks for the help!

On 5/28/2017 at 4:38 AM, "Karthick Subramanian" <ksubramanian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>If you currently log into Maria DB, execute *show variables like 
>'%dir%'; *and
>it ll show you a different value than your existing mysql's data 
>In your MySQL conf file (usually server.conf in rhel for me), 
>mention the
>data dir as your old MySQL data dir (your dozen dbs location). 
>Then restart
>your mariadb, then you should able to see your dbs.
>On May 28, 2017 3:21 AM, <rich.greder@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Here is an update:  In /var/lib/ ,  I have these four 
>> mysql
>> mysql-5.7
>> mysql-files
>> mysql-keyring
>> In the mysql-5.7 directory, I have found what appears to be my 
>dozen or so
>> databases that I created.  So yes, my data appears it was 
>retained.  I have
>> tarballed the data and am uploading it to an external device.  
>In the
>> meantime, I am next working on bringing my data back in a way 
>where an SQL
>> server can see it.
>> It doesn't even have to be a robust, long-term solution.  I was 
>> on switching it over on Monday.  I don't really care if it only 
>sort of
>> works, I just need to extract the data as an SQL file and go 
>from there.
>> Thanks,
>> Rich
>> On 5/27/2017 at 4:26 PM, rich.greder@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> >
>> >Hello,
>> >
>> >Guys, I did a bad one.  I only had one server remaining that 
>> >had mysql installed and thinking I was logged into my laptop's
>> >console, I executed apt-get install mariadb-server.
>> >
>> >I wasn't on my laptop.  I was logged into a virtual hosting 
>> >and knocked eight sites offline including my wiki of all my 
>> >documents ironically, describing how to install mariadb-server 
>> >various platforms.
>> >
>> >I didn't notice anything was amiss until I saw a comment that it
>> >was uninstalling mysql (which I knew wasn't on my laptop)
>> >
>> >I was able to log in using my old root password, but all my
>> >databases were gone.
>> >
>> >Is there any hope for recovering the databases as they were
>> >earlier today?
>> >
>> >Rich
>> >
>> >
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