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Re: 10.3.x: unknown variable 'innodb_support_xa=1'


Hi, Benoit!

On Sep 03, Benoit Plessis wrote:
> As for your 'kind suggestion' of handling deprecated/unknown option i
> personnally strongly disagree, some of mysql/mariadb options have real
> impact and "physical" consequences on the database, preventing it to
> start because of setting not handled is way safer that ignoring them
> and only putting a warning in the logs.

Note, that his use case is an option that was explicitly set to its
default value in my.cnf, and in 10.3 was removed in the server (so the
default value became hard-coded behavior and not configurable anymore).

That is, the option had no consequences, if it had, if it was set to a
non-default value, he'd get a warning in 10.2.

And removal of an option in 10.3 did not change InnoDB behavior for him,
the only effect was that the option stopped being recognized by the
server and the server refused to start.

So in this specific case, recognizing an option in 10.3 with a warning
could've been justified.

VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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