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Re: 10.3.x: unknown variable 'innodb_support_xa=1'


On 03/09/2019 11:31, Sergei Golubchik wrote:
> Hi, Benoit!
> [..]
> Note, that his use case is an option that was explicitly set to its
> default value in my.cnf, and in 10.3 was removed in the server (so the
> default value became hard-coded behavior and not configurable anymore).
> That is, the option had no consequences, if it had, if it was set to a
> non-default value, he'd get a warning in 10.2.
> And removal of an option in 10.3 did not change InnoDB behavior for him,
> the only effect was that the option stopped being recognized by the
> server and the server refused to start.
> So in this specific case, recognizing an option in 10.3 with a warning
> could've been justified.

Hi Sergei,

Yes i got this, but still, i largely prefer mysql/maria to not start so
i know something is wrong, to bloating to code for handling potentially
not built / removed options.

In this case maybe to deprecated should have been handled better yes but
hey, that doesn't justify this tone. I have lost many more hour with
lost sleep and data corruption with maria recently but i did not insult
anyone ... Nor when i hit my head trying to counter some performance
degradation since the jump to maria in some inefficient query parsing.

In any case that's your software so