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Re: Missing table rows when importing a MySQL 5.7.8 database into MariaDB 10.4.8 database


Am 27.08.20 um 03:30 schrieb Elliot Holden:
> Long story short, I updated MariaDB Server from 10.4.8 to 10.4.14 and
> problem solved.

what was the point using a nearly one year old version to begin with
(sorry for not realize the outfated version in the subject after your
first post)

i won't even consider touching the second bugfix release of a new major
vesion in production and the first thing i do when whatever softtware
has issues "is there a newer version which probably fix that"

Name 		Release Date 	Release Status
10.4.14 	2020-08-10 	Stable
10.4.13 	2020-05-12 	Stable
10.4.12 	2020-01-28 	Stable
10.4.11 	2019-12-11 	Stable
10.4.10 	2019-11-08 	Stable
10.4.8 		2019-09-11 	Stable
10.4.7 		2019-07-31 	Stable
10.4.6 		2019-06-18 	Stable

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