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Re: Maria-db refuses to start


Am 13.10.22 um 12:14 schrieb Jogchum Reitsma:
Op 12-10-2022 om 16:48 schreef Sergei Golubchik:
Hi, Jogchum,
Anyone an idea why /home/jogchum/mysql_recover/linux-mkay.lower-test
can't be created and how to solve that?
permission problem, perhaps?
All files and dir's under /home/jogchum/mysql_recover have mysql:mysql as owner:group

and your userhome is 755 as well as systemd namespaces and SELinux allowing nosense like storing the databasedir in a userhome?

just don't do that - and be it only because it's dumb set your userhome to chmod 755 which means any 644 file can be read by anyone

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