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Re: updates, and my priorities


On 15 March 2010 10:24, Rafi Rubin <rafi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The range/scaling parameters are not translating correctly.  So there's
> still just a tiny bit to fix there.

Right, I recall facing that problem on Brian Murray's tablet pc (as I
don't own one) at the sprint in Portland.

> Good to know gnome-settings-daemon supports the wacom rotation.  Though that
> doesn't seem to be working for me atm.  Do I need to enable anything?

I guess this code that Federico Mena Quintero wrote never made it upstream:

It relies on the xsetwacom command line tool to rotate wacom devices
and it would be relatively easy to do something similar for evdev
(preferably using Xlib and Xinput instead of a command line tool).

Having the input devices rotated when the screen is rotated is
definitely something which would be nice to have, I'm not sure about
what priority this has, maybe it's something that I could implement
after Lucid is released?

> I'm not volunteering to add the daemon support, I am completely unfamiliar
> with it.  Actually usually I don't even use it, just fvwm....

The problem is that the daemon is specific to the desktop environment
that you use. This means that while it makes sense to have this code
in gnome-settings-daemon if you're using Gnome, (at least in theory)
the same thing will have to be rewritten for whatever DE/toolkit our
future OEM projects will use. I would like to see a smaller DE
agnostic daemon for this kind of things so that we can reuse it in
each project (to be honest, I was working on something similar but I
haven't had the time to complete it), but I'm digressing now.


Alberto Milone
Sustaining Engineer (system)
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