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Re: GISpL: a (very rough) gesture language specification


Hi Florian,

> I've been busy during the last week writing a formal specification for
> GISpL, the gesture language which is at the core of libTISCH.
> Since this is supposed to be usable across architectures and devices,
> I'm very interested to hear your input on this.
> So please visit http://gispl.org/ and tell me your opinions. Please keep
> in mind that this is a very rough first draft which will likely change
> during the next hours and days, but I think that having your input
> already at an early stage will be very valuable.

This looks very interesting indeed! And timely too, as there should be
ample opportunity to test these ideas out in the coming six
months. Here are some comments and further ideas:

Regions - there may also be a need to specify the reverse - areas
where gestures are not recognized. Typical example would be a canvas
with icons on it.

Features - I suppose those are restricted to temporal changes, in
addition to static features of the contact set. I take it you mean to
specify this set further, based on 2D and/or 3D projections?

Gesture - I have found it useful to organize gestures into
hierarchies, such that some gestures may hold or cancel other
gestures. A way to specify such relations in the language might be

And there is the question of state. Part of the ideas floating around
here are based on gestural modifications of a state. Understanding and
specifying the rules for state transitions might be very powerful in


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