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Re: Running ginn and uTouch-geis on Gentoo


On 04/07/2011 05:08 PM, Andreas Willich wrote:
> Hi
> I am now able to compile and run ginn with XI2.1 an gentoo and I am
> currently cleaning up the ebuilds.
> Hopefully I will be finished in the next days. Then I will also make
> some videos of the whole in action.


> The problem I had with inputproto was, that the xi2.1 patch for input
> proto change the version to
> Do you have an explanation for that? I think it is a little irritating
> when you install a package with the version number 2.0.1 and in the
> pc-file is version entered.

The reason for this is that the XI 2.1 proto still doesn't have an
upstream rc release yet (i.e. a version like Because of this,
we left the package version as 2.0.1. In this sense, the package is just
like the official release, but with some extras tacked on. However,
other software needs to know if these extras (protype XI 2.1 stuff) are
available. So I bumped the pc-file version.

This isn't perfect, and it will hopefully be alleviated by an official
upstream rc release soon. There's no great way to handle the versioning
at this stage, unfortunately.

> Thanks for your help and please continue with the work on the uTouch stack.

Thank you for putting all this effort into adding support to Gentoo! (My
first *real* foray into Linux was Gentoo, where I actually learned how
everything worked :).

-- Chase