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Re: Questions on MT meeting in Ubuntu app developer week.


> If anyone has any good ideas on how to resolve this issue I would
> encourage them to speak their mind :).

I haven't got a great knowledge on how the uTouch stack works
internally, but I think that resolve the multitouch events like are
resolved the X11 events could be a good option. I'll explain the idea.
Imagine that you have one top level window with a subwindow (a

  - Root window
  | - Window
    | - Widget

And imagine that a multitouch event ocurr in the Widget.

If the "Widget" decides to treat it, the event dies here, else, the
events is send to the parent of the "Widget", the "Window". And the
"Window" does exactly the same.

With this method, if an application gets a multitouch event, programs
like Touchégg can't intercedes in it (because Touchégg and Ginn gets
the events from the root window) and if the application ignores it,
Touchégg makes its stuff.

Of course I don't know if make this is possible with the current