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Re: Questions on MT meeting in Ubuntu app developer week.


>  Thanks for answers.

> > The closest thing we have to this right now is an override for Unity.
> > When running the Unity environment, three and four finger interactions
> > will always be sent to Unity

1 Then if not running within Unity?
2 And Unity (one WM?) will dispatch those three/four fingers gestures to

> > and will be prevented from reaching any
> > other geis clients.
so that if some other environment wants to use part of uTouch, say only
grail + geis, they will not be able to get gestures over 2 fingers
except they do some customization on grail/geis.

The uTouch stack wasn't really created with the goal that multiple
> clients would listen for the same gestures on the same window. It was
Understood, thanks. For tablet, handset ... non-traditional PC verticals,
app in general was shown as full-screen and also multiple fingers features
are interesting. But at this time, either they get all raw data and do their
own gesture algorithm or only get limited gestures from grail+gesi or more
from Unity if they using the totally uTouch framework. Is it possible that
using grail+geis to get basic gestures which had been identified and
optimized/tested by grail/geis and then get all other events which are not
supported by grail/geis and then deal with those by their own rules?