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[Multitouch-device-support]Decided if one usb-hid panel should be supported by hid-multitouch?


Hi, list,

>From archive of this ML, I found Henrik Rydberg had mentioned (as answer to
someone's question):

> Where is the correct place in kernel for the multi-touch input support?

It depends on your device. If it supports win7 HID extensions for
digitizers, adding it to hid-multitouch makes sense. If it is a HID
device but it does not quite fit, then it is a new hid driver (which
is really discouraged at this point). If it is general usb,
then somewhere under drivers/input - there are MT drivers in touchscreen,
tablet and mouse.

===end of quote ===

1 So here for multitouch, "win 7 HID extensions" is exactly pointing to the
below 8 usages supporting?
0x47 Touch valid
0x48 Width
0x49 Height
0x51 Contact identifier
0x52 Device mode
0x53 Device identifier
0x54 Contact count
0x55 Contact count maximum

2 For letting hid-mutitouch.c support one device, this device must support
all above 8 usages or just few of them, say 0x47/0x51/0x54 are enough?
3 And how can one know if his device is "win 7 HID extensions" by simple
way, say 'lsusb -v'?

Thanks for your time and feedback.

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