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Re: [Multitouch-device-support]Decided if one usb-hid panel should be supported by hid-multitouch?


Le 3 mai 2011 à 13:02, peng zhang a écrit :

> 2011/4/30 Stéphane Chatty <chatty@xxxxxxx>
> > (am I the only one who has a hard time finding who has written messages sent to this list?)
> I had registered this ML, not sure what was presented to your i-box, cannot see name?;-) 
> >A few of these fields are necessary only. We have working code (but not clean enough yet to be submitted) that detects multitouch devices so as to use hid-multitouch automatically, and we rely on a 
> Nice to know this, thanks. So your new codes will check the capability of usb-hid touch panel and if the reporter fit into some ceriteria, then using hid-multitouch?

In principle, yes.

> > sentence in a Win7 document that says in essence that '0x51 means multitouch'. Of course, to be any useful at all the device needs to report X and Y too :-) We also usually rely on TipSwitch.
> Thanks, so the minimal requirement is: 0x30, 0x31, 0x42, 0x51.

I think so, yes. Benjamin might want to say something about it, but there's no internet connection in his glider so we'll have to wait until UDS for this.

> > You can get the information from the device by using 'lsusb -v', but only after telling usbhid to stop grabbing the device (otherwise you are not allowed to query the report descriptors and you get an 
> Thanks for this information.