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Re: Intermittent test failures


On 13-09-2010 09:29, Vishvananda Ishaya wrote:
> Ah yes.  I do remember realizing that the destroy was in the wrong place at some point.  In the orm branch I moved it until after the callbacks were done:
>         for _index in xrange(total_slots):
>             volume_id = self._create_volume()
>             d = self.volume.create_volume(self.context, volume_id)
>             d.addCallback(_check)
>             d.addErrback(self.fail)
>             deferreds.append(d)
>         yield defer.DeferredList(deferreds)
>         for volume_id in volume_ids:
>             self.volume.delete_volume(self.context, volume_id)
> Strange that it only fails some of the time in the old version, because that destroy was definitely in the wrong place.

Well, it only failed it it happened to get an identical shelf/blade tuple.

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