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Re: OOC Website changes


Hi everyone!

On Sun, May 2, 2010 at 12:04 PM, Fabien Bourgeois <fabien.8@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> 1. I believe that having our ML outside our primary domain isn't a good
> thing, especially if followers need a Launchpad account. The idea is to have
> our own ML, with Mailman or at least at our host. What do you think about
> creating a second ML, to mark out ooc-dev and ooc-users ?

Even though I get your point, cd rubin (why do we outsource things, etc.) I
agree with Fabien for the mailing list, here.

We outsource git because GitHub has *so* many advantages over vanilla git
(the whole social aspect of things, accounts, following, updates, queue
list, highlighting, project pages, issue tracker, closing bugs with commit
messages, and a lot more)

However, there's no real added value with Launchpad's ML compared to, say,
our own Mailman, and it's true that it would make more sense if  we were
using more of Launchpad's service (e.g. their Bazaar hosting, etc.) Which we
are not.

So I'm all for installing a ML on our main domain - although postponing that
decision until we have decided on which hosting we want to have (depending
on what the new website will need)

2. A "free" consideration : it should be a good thing to pull out Twitter
> and migrate to Identi.ca, or, why not, to install our own StatusNet service
> [http://status.net/]. We can keep the Twitter account and automatically
> push the messages from Identi.ca I think.

I fail to see the benefits, here. ooc_lang has ~310 followers on Twitter,
that's quite a few, would it encounter the same popularity on Identi.ca? Is
StatusNet easy to maintain? As cd rubin said, volunteers time is not
constant. What if you die? Or worse, get married? I feel the same way about
'maintaining maintenance time-cost the lowest possible'.

> 3. What are your opinions about the creation of a XMPP room ?

 I think I'm in agreement with Fred here. Generally, I haven't seen XMPP
rooms being used for anything useful (but that's just my culture), and have
only seen Freenode channels for serious development-related stuff. Although
it would certainly be no problem to start an XMPP room later, when the
community gets larger (as Fred says).

Also, we can't stop you from doing that =)

4. What do you think about writing the website in OOC  : a good idea, to
> demonstrate a real world example; not a priority, practical aspects matters
> more... ?

Maybe writing one website in ooc would be a good thing. Writing ooc's
website in ooc would be too much of a hassle I think. But maybe writing a
"Try ooc" website in ooc would be a good idea? When we have something like a
rock interpreter backend, or just tcc in a sandbox (so that people can't
harm the server)

Thanks for your work, Fabien, I appreciate what you're trying to do here =)

Amos Wenger (nddrylliog)

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